/ashes info

-Have ashes of your beloved incorporated into your personalized sketch

-No additional charge (limited time)

-About 2-3 Tablespoons are needed

-Ashes are visible in the completed work

-Unused ashes will be returned

-Please watch the Youtube video for the color process:


-Process for graphite / charcoal coming soon

fixed ashes

finished artwork with ashes

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My drawings are interpretations of what I see and feel. I use several layers of graphite pencil or other dry media to create realistic pets, portraits, landscapes and architecture.  A majority of my artwork has stemmed from the deceased with most being family pets.   I hold much empathy for the tragedy and loss I see.  My goal is to provide closure, memorialize with peace of mind and soul, and to bring hope for what's next, with the art I create.  In heart-felt compassion, I offer a 10% discount for sketches of departed family members and pets.  I try to capture spirit in every piece and hope to bring the emotion, thoughts, and tranquility of the subject to the viewer.

Watermarks will not appear on prints

© 2013 Sketches by Chad Eric Keith

Copy rights reserved



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